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Greedfall – Naut Uniform Disguise Location

In the Serene Port Quarter there are a series of quests that are made easier with the Naut uniform disguise. This quick guide shows you the Naut uniform disguise location:

  1. Locate and enter the Warehouse in the...

RPG Review: Outwards Biggest Strengths

Outward was a highly anticipated survival RPG within the German RPG niche, so we take a look at Outwards biggest strengths. Since its ascendancy in 00’s this unique genre of RPG has been on the decline with...


The Revival of Isometric RPGs in 2019

The Revival of Isometric RPGs in recent years is a breath of fresh air in an industry that now elevates graphics and play to win, over content quality and story depth. Isometric RPGs have always provided the latter...