Top features of the HP Omen 17” Gaming laptop

We take a look at the top features of the HP Omen 17” gaming laptop during a very exciting time for mid-range laptops. The top brands are competing for their share of the pie as gamer’s frequently turn more to portable devices  when they don’t quite have the time and money to justify a rig.

The HP Omen is an ideal entry level laptop for gamer’s looking to push their game performance beyond the adequate for excellent value for money.


CPU: Intel i7-8750H 9MB cache with up to 4.10 GHZ max turbo frequency

Memory: 8GB GDDR5 (upgradable)


Display: 144 hz 1080p 4K 17.3” G-sync enabled

Storage: 1TB plus 128GB SSD

Weight: 3.3kg

But what do all those numbers and word actually mean?


The HP Omen 17” gaming laptop supports the third GPU in Nvidia’s 10 series range, the 1060 GTX 6gb. Nvidia boasts the 1060 having 3 times the power of the previous generation’s best offer the GTX 960 with less heat and noise. Now classed as a mid-range card with the release of the next generation, the 1060 GTX is more than equipped to run high frames on 1080p.

The 1060 is undoubtably a great card, it’s the gateway GPU into VR, meaning if you’re new to VR and a PC gamer you can jump on the VR wagon at mid-price level rather than paying for the high spec’d rigs.

Overclocking the 1060 GTX will reportedly generate up to 1.4x the performance, those that have tried get about a 16% performance boost within sustainable parameters.

This particular model support 8GB RAM, an allocation of memory that is right on the border of adequate for high performance gaming in 2019. Having said that currently 8GBs delivers on most AAA games on highest settings, but it’s a bit of a limiter for future gaming. Fortunately this model is upgradeable as addressed in point 5.

One of the top features of the HP omen 17” gaming laptop is the i7 8750H processor. Which compensates for the limited 8GB memory allocation. This CPU shines in the mid-range market and is one of the HP Omen’s best features. It’s popularity stems from it’s value for money delivering excellent performance.

I will however question the “14-15 hour battery life” boasted on Amazon. Realistically you’re looking at between 3-4 hours. Less if you’re playing a particular intensive game.


Another one of the top features of the HP Omen 17” is the in-built speakers, which sound great. The Bang & Olufsen audio is crisp and clear at all levels of volume. Don’t be dissuaded by speaker envy, the Omen’s sound served my needs just fine.

If you relocate quite often with your laptop and rely on its speakers, then the Omen audio compliment both my games and music perfectly when I’m not connected to my external speakers. Similar output when headphones plugged in.


The elegant Omen symbol is the most eye catching part of the Omen. A crimson beacon of class sitting on a carbon fibre and aluminium lid. The 17” version of the Omen isn’t small, but it’s not over bearing in its chunkiness.

The lid is sturdy with a single bridge to the laptop’s base. The encasing strip around the screen is well scaled and not ugly. The keyboard offers three light up features:

  • Full keyboard crimson lighting
  • Gaming keys lighting (W,S,A,D)
  • Off

The Omen can be cumbersome if you’re into sleek and sexy. It’s difficult to find a standard laptop bag that will home the 17”. Frustratingly, the one that came with mine was too small to house the laptop so I purchased the (insert my bag name here) which if you’re struggling to find a bag to fit your 17” laptop is perfect and secure.


Having moved to 17” laptop screens in recent years I couldn’t image going back to 15”. Bigger really is better when you want to maximise those pixels. With the G-sync enabled display the 144hz Omen creates great emersion.

Others have noticed the dimmed performance on some games with high frame rate dependencies, and I have to say I noticed it sometimes when playing Total War: Warhammer 2 during skirmishes at night, or weather events, but only a passing inconvenience.


The Omen has a single panel on the underside held in place with a few screws making it easily upgradeable even more novice gamers. However, don’t mess with the GPU.

As mentioned above the 8GB RAM is likely going to be the prime limiter for your gaming performance over the next couple of years. Luckily the Omen can handle up to 32GB of RAM. The official RAM part is the 8 GB 2400 MHz 1.2 v DDR4

Final Say

The Omen is a great buy if you’re looking for an entry level gaming laptop that can play the latest AAA games without breaking the bank. For a comparative guide of MSI, Alienware and OMEN in the mid- range market, check out our best gaming laptops for under £1500

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